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Paskelbta: 2017-06-12

ELEKTROS TAUPYMO SPRENDIMAI, UAB As the CEO of the ECOLIGHT manufacturing company, I travel the world to meet clients looking for efficient heavy-duty lighting solutions. Throughout my travels I hear the same questions. Cost-savvy managers everywhere are looking for state-of-the-art lighting technologies. But they also think in terms of investment pay-off. Time and again I hear the same complaint that the prices charged by leading global brands are too high. This observation is dead accurate. I want to discuss a manufacturing philosophy which allows us to correct this market inefficiency. ECOLIGHT PHILISOPHY
Our approach is well captured in the ECOLIGHT brand slogan: “No-nonsense. Just Raw Efficiency”. What this means in practice is that we are focused on the essentials of efficient and long lasting heavy-duty lighting, while saving on inessentials like posh design. In the world of Ecolight, efficient is the new beautiful.
As an official partner of Philips Lighting, ECOLIGHT has the privilege of using cutting-edge LED lighting technologies developed by the R&D units of Philips and other global corporations. As a member of Philips EnabLED licensing program, we are fully committed to using only the best of the best high-performance energy-saving LED lighting solutions developed by Philips, Osram and Tridonic. We then dress these mega-efficient luminaries in raw-looking exteriors, thereby saving on what is not essential for efficient lighting of industrial, sports and outdoor environments. ROBINHOODISM
One of our partners has once described us humorously as ‘the Robin Hoods of the light world’. The metaphor is a bit fat-fetched because we are on excellent partnership terms with companies like Philips. But there is some truth to what this gentleman said: we make the riches of the light world accessible to the wider segments of the market. And as our partnership network continues to widen with each passing year, we find this philosophy to be attractive in a variety of different marketplaces. The ECOLIGHT network now covers Germany, Slovenia, Poland, United Arab Emirates, UK, Czech Republic, Latvia, Denmark, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Estonia, Macedonia, Belgium, Italy, Sudan, Sweden, and our home country Lithuania. Our partners worldwide are especially happy about our commitment to great b2b partnership: flexibility, cost-effectiveness, individualized solutions, technical assistance, and rapid response to unforeseen challenges. All of our production and management processes are guided by the sole mission of maximizing the long-term value of your lighting investment.GLOBAL ENLIGHTENMENT
Some of our recent bigger projects include LED lighting solutions for Del Monte Foods factory (Dubai), “Švyturys - Utenos Alus” (Carlsberg) logistics warehouse in Utena (Lithuania), Bauske bridge (Latvia), a multifunctional Valby Hallen arena (Denmark), Wojskowe Zakłady Uzbrojenia military industry quarters (Poland), Ryanair’s new aircraft maintenance hangar in Kaunas (Lithuania), “Vingės terminalas” in Klaipėda (Lithuania), Greiner Packaging facilities (Poland), Federal Mogul (Poland), Grimminger (Germany) and many more.

Tomas Pukas, CEO of ECOLIGHT


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