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bathroom furniture

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Baltijos pr. 10, KLAIPĖDA
+370 (656) 70506
Individual venture "Arunas furniture offers a wide range of kitchen furniture , bedroom furniture , hallway furniture , bathroom furniture , upholstered furniture and outdoor furniture choices. It offers customers a modern and durable cabinets, wardrobes , chests of drawers , desks , office chairs , beds and all the other needs of the client's products . The company offers both classic and modern design high quality, reliable and durable furniture ideally suited for both interior and exterior
Ramučių g. 1, ŠILUTĖ
+370 (441) 62162
The areas of application of production manufactured by the company "UAB BALTIJOS MARMURAS" can be limited not by the properties of the material itself, but rather by the person's imagination. The imagination, of course, has no limits, therefore the possibilities of usage of these durable, nice, easy care materials certainly have not yet been explored as the articles produced by the company "BALTIJOS MARMURAS" are also easily fitted with other materials, e. g., metal, ceramics, wood, etc.
Sandėlių g. 40, KLAIPĖDA
+370 (676) 43102
+370 (682) 55404
Degaičių g. 14D, DEGAIČIAI, TELŠIŲ R.
+370 (612) 95338
Verslininkų g. 40, TAURŲ K., TAURAGĖS SEN., TAURAGĖS R.
+370 (698) 08867
Girulių g. 26A, ŠIAULIAI
+370 (41) 399969
Paliūniškio g. 5, PANEVĖŽYS
+370 (612) 98192
Žilvičio g. 2, NEMĖŽIS, VILNIAUS R.
+370 (5) 2355230