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About project

„Visa Lietuva“ project celebrates more than 20 years!! – is one of the most popular business information sites in Lithuania. During the year the number of web visits was over 2,3 million, and over 5 million pages were visited. (Google Analytics data, 2015-08-30 – 2016-08-30).


visaLietuva_kompiuteris contais information about lithuanian companies their provided products and services. Also consumers could use the new enterprise data base to find companies that are established in less than a year.


„Visa Lietuva“ offers:


  • Use databases of companies, contact persons and brands;
  • Represent company in the position as a market leader;
  • Publish business proposals;
  • Publish press releases;
  • Provide comprehensive and concrete information about the company’s activities;
  • Show lists of employees with photographs;
  • Recommend companies;
  • Install the free-call feature.


The mobile app „Visa Lietuva“


Offers the possibility to:


  • Use an easy enterprise search
  • View companies that are near to you;
  • Call the company at a touch of a button;
  • Choose a displayed route to a certain company;
  • Mark companies that interest you;
  • Write personal notes and comments next to companies;
  • Administer categories.


The mobile platform „Visa Lietuva“ – is a mobile business database in which information about Lithuanian companies can be found in Lithuanian, Russian and English. offers:


  • Use a database of companies;
  • Use a database of contact persons;
  • Use a database of brands;
  • Provide business deals;
  • Publish press releases.


For advertising service and company information, please contact:

Phone 8 (5) 236 1000 | Fax 8 (5) 236 1001 |